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Start exploring the possibilities of Cardano. Purchase, send, and receive ADA - the cryptocurrency for Cardano. Available as a browser extension and mobile application.

Gero Wallet UI mockups
Gero Wallet UI mockups

Safety is our number one priority. As a non-custodial wallet, only you have access to your account and data.


At GeroWallet, we’re building a platform that accommodates the needs of new users and experts alike.


We’re not stopping here. GeroWallet will become a one-stop-shop for everyone's financial needs. As Cardano grows, we’ll be evolving with it.



Token $GERO supply: 500 Million

Private Token Sale 36%
Ecosystem & Community Rewards 30%
Team & Developers 20%
IDO Token Sale 7%
Initial Liquidity 4%
Advisors 3%

Who we are

Shawn Roller
Co-Founder / UX
Panos Chiras
Yifei Wang
Product Designer
Shawn has a master’s of science with a background in applied psychological research, as well as professional UX experience working on site for Google and NASA. In 2015, he discovered bitcoin mining. Since then he has contributed to the crypto community by combining his psychology background, user experience expertise, and passion of blockchain. Today, Shawn is focused on bringing decentralized finance to the masses for both new users and experts.
Panos's background started in the medical field and was bridged into crypto in 2017. He started making connections in the DeFi space with the vision of generating utilities that are practical and easy for all levels of users. He is passionate about translating the technical underpinnings of DeFi to a language more accessible to the daily user, with the ultimate goal of advancing mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.
Yifei came from a multidisciplinary background of Human Computer Interaction, Communication and Industrial Design. She has 6 years of design working experience in both Tech and Automotive industries. With a strong belief of blockchain technology and the passion to bridge the UX gap for crypto world, she joined the team as a product designer, focusing on designing a seamless DeFi user experience for everyone.
Kostas Bastas
Lead Developer
Chris Chiras
Cyber-security Expert
Kostas has over 29 years of experience in IT duties across a broad spectrum of team sizes varying from Technical Support, Domain Administrator, DBA, and Full stack Developer. He is a hands-on, technical team leader with experience in designing, developing, and engineering dynamic web and intranet applications for a wide variety of financial institutes. After being introduced to blockchain Kostas quickly realized how the future will be defined by DeFi and he is currently using his vast experience to develop and lead the new generation of decentralized Web3 wallets.
Chris is a cyber security engineer with more than 8 years of professional experience. He has a master’s degree in Information Security and in Business Administration. Through his career, Chris was involved with large scale enterprise projects and trading platforms with focus on security hardening and countermeasures. He is a strong believer and supporter of blockchain technology and is applying his innate passion for security to the blockchain and DeFi space.
Ali Rod Khadem
International Business Strategy
Andrew Westberg
Cardano Technical Expert
Ben Morris
Business Development & Growth
Ali Rod is an advisor to several blockchain and web3 projects, including MELD, SEKAI, Dega, Enegra, and BrilliantLabs. Outside of his advisory roles, he has experience as a lawyer, investment banker, and professor/author. He’s held senior roles at Macquarie Group and Westport Innovations, and began his career at Idealab and DLA Piper. He holds a PhD from Harvard University and a JD from UC Berkeley. He’s lived in 8 countries and 4 continents, and has knowledge of 5 languages. He’s been responsible for project portfolios in multiple sectors across the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Much of his experience involves international strategy and negotiations, especially in scenarios involving cultural or political sensitivities, as well as niche transactions such as Islamic finance and China related M&A.
Andrew has over 20 years experience in the software development industry. In the past, he has worked for fortune 500 companies like Caterpillar, Nike, and Walmart. Today, he works on or provides technical guidance to projects in the Cardano ecosystem.
Ben is a business development leader, investor and startup founder. He spent 10 years managing businesses at some of the world’s largest financial services companies including Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters across Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and North Africa. Ben entered the blockchain industry in 2018 to set up one of the leading incubators based out of Switzerland. He was also the founder of fitness live streaming startup lift.tv, partner at private blockchain fund i3 Assets and currently serves as the Director of Business Development and Growth at Nervos.

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