Your Assets, Your Control,
You’re the Bank

Be in full control of your finances. Securely buy, send, receive, and trade all in one place.

Gero Wallet UI mockups

Your Window into the Blockchain

GeroWallet provides a secure and UX friendly UI for you to manage your tokens and NFTs.


GeroWallet is non-custodial. We never have control over your wallet or access to your data

NFT Support

Purchase, view, send, receive, and listen to your NFT collection


Experience Cardano DeFi. Interact with Cardano NFT marketplaces, DEXs, and more

Stake & Earn

Stake your ADA to the GERO stake pool and earn ADA and $GERO in rewards.

Built-In Swap

Swap ADA and any Cardano native assets directly within the wallet.

Buy Cardano with a Card

Purchase ADA quickly from the wallet with a credit or debit card.

NFT Media Player

Listen to your music and audio NFTs with the Gero Media Player.

Hardware Wallet Support

Securely store, send, receive, or interact with smart contracts using Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the official socials on the left side of the website or going here.

  • GeroWallet is a non-custodial wallet.
  • GeroWallet has no control over your assets.
  • Only the user who has the seed phrase can have access to your funds.
  • Never share your seed phrase with anyone.
  • Ensure your seed phrase is in a safe place.

Android and iOS

GeroWallet has never had an airdrop and will never have an airdrop.

Yes, no one from the team will never send you a message.

Send us a message here.

  • Yes! Any Shelley address can be imported.
  • Addresses with multiple accounts may experience compatibility issues.

Please create a support ticket here.

  • The team can never recover your password or seed phrase.
  • To reset your password you can import your seed phrase and create a new password.

  • The team can never recover your secret backup phrase or seed phrase.
  • The individual is in full control of their wallet and assets.
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